Man holds two winning entries in the $70m Oz Lotto prize

Three entries have shared in the $70 million Oz Lotto prize, but in a surprise twist… one person held two of the winning entries.

In an absolutely bizarre situation, the winning Melbourne man had forgotten he had two entries in the draw, both marked with the same numbers.

Each winning entry takes home $23,333,333.34, so the blue-collared Victoria will claim a whopping $46.6 million.


The man said he’s been playing the same marked numbers for thirty years.

“I play every week.

“I have always marked my entries but I have never chosen the numbers on anything in particular.

“They weren’t special before, but they are now,” he told the Lott.

He also said he will need to sit down and think of how he might use his double division one prize.

The Lott spokesperson Bronwyn Spencer said they’re still on the hunt for the other division one winner, who’s believed to be from Tasmania, and is urging any Hobart resident or visitor who purchased an entry to check their tickets as soon as possible.

“You may not think it’s possible that you could be the division one winner we’re searching for, but if you purchased an unregistered entry in this week’s Oz Lotto draw that you haven’t checked yet, you’re in with a chance!

“We’re urging all Oz Lotto players to check their entries as soon as possible and if you discover you are holding the division one winning ticket to contact us on 131 868 to begin the process of claiming your prize.”

In addition to the three division one prizes in the Oz Lotto draw, a total of 1,150,318 prizes worth more than $24.64 million were won in divisions two to seven.