Man hospitalised after falling out of ride at Gold Coast theme park

A man has been taken to hospital after falling from a thrill ride at a theme park on the Gold Coast.

It’s understood the man fell out of the Log Ride at Dreamworld around 3pm on Sunday and became stuck in a conveyor belt.

The attraction was closed while the man was retrieved and treated by paramedics at the scene.


He was taken to Gold Coast University Hospital with head and back injuries.

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How does someone just “fall” out of the log ride???!!! My 5yo goes on this ride and I’ve been going on it since I was a kid. The only way he could have fallen off is by being a tool. Good on ya IDIOT for spooling it for the others who had waited in that long line. FOOL

A couple of weeks ago my grandson panicked on that ride and tried to get out. Lucky for us other people on the ride physically restrained him and stopped him from climbing out. At the time the ride operators were joking around and stuffing their faces instead of watching the monitors. If they had been doing their job they could have stopped the ride and got him out. So obviously these people were doing their jobs with the same efficiency on this day too. If the other people on the ride with my grandson had not held him down he too could have been seriously hurt.

This one is easy. The adult supervising the 5 year old is the one that restrains them. If the adult made a bad judgement call thinking the child could handle the ride but couldn’t, they can leave the ride by any of the emergency exits along the way.

There is no way this guy has just fallen out he must have been doing something stupid like standing up i have been going to this ride since i was a child not a danger at all

Totally agree

He is probably after a law suit/big payout. You can’t just ‘fall’ out of the log ride without actually trying to get out