Man hurt in vicious dog fight at Southport Spit

A GOLD Coast man has been left with a nasty bite to his leg after he was caught in the middle of a vicious three-on-one dog fight at the Southport Spit on Sunday.

The man’s partner told myGC that what looked to be three off-leash Staffordshire Terriers singled out and attacked an Alsatian at the popular family-friendly swimming hole in front of horrified passersby yesterday morning.

She said the three attacking dogs then turned on her partner as he tried to intervene and save the Alsatian.


“He has a scratch on one leg and a decent bite on the other which is swelling up and looking pretty bad,” Anneliese said.

Anneliese said she was shocked that, despite a building crowd, onlookers did very little to help her struggling partner.

“Can you believe that no one said anything to him afterwards? No sorry or thank you from the respective owners,” she said.

“I am really disappointed in the dog community.

“I am not keen on taking our gentle Golden Retriever or kids back there if this is happening.”

The couple have pleaded with other Gold Coast dog owners to be extra vigilant when taking their pets out in public and to be overly cautious of off-leash dogs.