Man impregnated, held 14yo girl captive while wearing GPS tracking device for previous abduction

AN american man has been arrested after he allegedly raped, impregnated and held a teenage girl captive while wearing an electronic monitoring device in connection with a previous abduction case.

Cody Lee Jackson was arrested on October 8, after he allegedly contacted a 14-year-old girl through Facebook in February and convinced her to be dropped off at his home.

It is there the sickening events took place, with the 20-year-old holding the girl captive for months.


Court documents revealed Jackson would not let the girl leave his apartment unless it was with him or at his direction, he punished her physically for violations of rules he set for her that included no talking to other men and no showering or using the bathroom without permission.

Reports suggest Jackson organised a taxi to deliver the girl to his home after school each day, where he would rape her resulting in pregnancy at just two months.

What makes this case even more disturbing is that the whole time the 14-year-old was held captive inside Jackson’s apartment, he was under surveillance and on a GPS tracking device for holding two other women against their will in 2014.

Jackson faces up to 30-years prison.