Man in custody allegedly assaults female police officer

A man’s due to front court in New South Wales today, after allegedly assaulting a police officer while in custody.

He was initially arrested just before 5.00pm yesterday, when police attended a home on the Central Coast after reports of an assault and intimidation.

When officers arrived to the Huene Avenue address, Halekulani, a man and three children were seen running from the area.


The 41-year-old was arrested a short time late, following a struggle with police.

He was taken to Wyong Police Station, where it will be alleged he assaulted a female sergeant while in custody.

The officer sustained a broken nose and facial lacerations.

She was rushed to hospital for treatment, including stitches.

Additional officers intervened and the man allegedly ran from the custody area.

He was detained and charged with 10 offences including assault police officer in execution of duty cause actual bodily harm, entering enclosed land not prescribed premises without lawful excuse, common assault, wilful and obscene exposure in/near public place, stalk/intimidate intend fear physical harm, assault officer in execution of duty, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, resisting officer in execution of duty, escaping police custody, and aggravated break and enter committing serious indictable offence.

He was refused bail and is expected to front Wyong Local Court today.

A child at risk notification has been made.