Man jailed over horrifying stabbing murder of father, stepmother

Corey Breen has been sentenced to at least 33 years behind bars for stabbing to death his father and stepmother in a frenzied attack in New South Wales.

On the eve of Good Friday, 2013 Breen went on a rampage that included a violent carjacking followed by the horrifying stabbing deaths of his 55-year-old father and 45-year-old stepmother.

The 28-year-old stabbed his father 15 times at his Killarney Vale home on the NSW Central Coast, before following his stepmother Felicia to where she was hiding and stabbing her twice.


He later told police he was on his way to kill his mother, Debbie, and her partner James, before he was intercepted by police after the Holden Commodore he had stolen broke down.

“If the clutch didn’t burn out I was on my way up to my mother’s house … I probably would have knifed her and her f***ing boyfriend and my brother and sister and whoever else was up there.”

Breen was sentenced to a maximum of 42 years behind bars.