Man jumps from balcony amidst brawls and arrests in massive Surfers Paradise crowds

It’s been a wild night in Surfers Paradise overnight, with police breaking up several brawls and a man jumping off a balcony.

Extra crews were called into the party precinct from 1.00 am following reports of massive crowds in the Cavill Mall area.

A police spokesperson has confirmed that there were multiple brawls throughout the early hours of the morning and that officers had made several arrests.


The exact numbers won’t be confirmed until later today.

In the midst of the carnage, one man is understood to have jumped from a pool mezzanine level at a hotel along Cavil Avenue.

The man, believed to be in his 20s, fell around 10 metres and suffered multiple injuries. Emergency services believe it was not an act of self-harm.

He’s since been hospitalised but his condition is not yet known.

Witnesses say the police presence and crowds seemed worse than schoolies, but it’s still not clear how the crowd started.

More to come.

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