Man loses arm, foot after being run over by freight train in Western Australia

A MAN has had an arm and foot sliced off after being run over by a freight train in Western Australia.

Police said the 32-year-old man and his brother, 34, were trying to cross a set of train tracks at Brookton, around 140 kilometres southeast of Perth when the incident occurred on Saturday night.

It’s understood the pair were drunk when, instead of waiting for a clearing, they attempted to climb over the slow-moving freight train as is passed through the small Wheatbelt town around 7.30pm.


Police said the younger brother was run over by the train after slipping down a gap between the carriages.

The train severed one of the man’s arms and one of his feet.

He was stabilised by paramedics at the scene before being airlifted to the Royal Perth Hospital where he remains today in a stable condition.

Police said both men were believed to have been intoxicated at the time. The older brother made it across to the other side of the tracks uninjured.

Police took to twitter to warn pedestrians to wait for trains to pass before attempting to cross the tracks.