Man posed as ex online, inviting strangers to her home for ‘violent sex’

A BRISBANE woman has been left traumatised after her former partner allegedly encouraged men to show up on her door step for ‘violent sex’ after posting explicit images online.

In an interview aired on A Current Affair on Wednesday night, Robyn Night revealed that more than 50 men had shown up to her family home in the last four years after her ex-partner imitated her on a  series of websites for ‘pro rape’ and bondage.

‘He was logging on pretending to be me and role playing to these men,’ Ms Night told A Current Affair.


On the websites, Ms night was described as a ‘no limits shame pig’ who deserved ‘extreme punishment’.

Ms Night became so afraid that she wrote emails to Police Commissioner Ian Stewart and Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller, explaining her situation.

An investigation into the incident was launched right away, with police charging Ryan Kotynski, a 41-year-old man from Redland Bay with stalking.

Ms Night and Kotynski had been in a relationship over a decade ago.

He is due to face court at a later date.

PHOTO: A Current Affair

PHOTO: A Current Affair