Man proposes to girlfriend with precious Golden Retriever puppy

A man, a very very smart man, has upped the proposal game, popping the big question to his girlfriend of three years with a golden retriever puppy.

The adorable proposal, which happened at Montana’s Glacier National Park in the US last month, has gone viral on social media – because, PUPPIES!

It’s understood the lucky lady thought she and her boyfriend were modelling for local photographers Rachel Catlett and Jeremiah Spray, when she turned around and saw her partner down on one knee holding a super-cute pup in his arms.


Upon closer look, she soon realised the adorable puppy was wearing a name tag which read: “Kadie, will you marry me?”.

Photos of the heartwarming proposal have been posted to social media, where they have since gone viral.

“Super Cute! I mean who could say no to this!” one person commented.

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