Man racks up $53,000 bill at Gold Coast Dan Murphy’s store

A bottle shop worker on the Gold Coast has been left gobsmacked after a local man racked up an alcohol bill of more than $53,000 in just two visits.

The big spender attended the Mermaid Waters Dan Murphy’s store on two days last week, where he splashed the cash on a number of very expensive and special bottles of super premium American Scotch and Irish whiskey.

“He is a local whiskey enthusiast, and is the most polite gentleman I have ever met,” Matt Loth, the Dan Murphy’s worker who served the customer said.


“He said he does collect to some extent, but he’s more passionate about enjoying a world-class tipple and sharing with friends and family.”

The purchases included two bottles of Pappy Van Winkle’s, one of the most expensive American bourbons on the market, which retails for a mere $3,450 a bottle.

“These are collector’s items, so we are lucky to get our hands on some stock each year for customers. The bourbon is made by the oldest distillery in America, and is the most awarded in the world,” Mr Loth said.

The local whiskey enthusiast also snapped up a bottle of the Teeling Whiskey 30 Year Old Single Malt, which retails for a whopping $3,000 bottle, The Balvenie 26 year old ‘A day of Dark Barley’ Single Malt Scotch Whisky for $990 per bottle and Eagle Rare Single Barrel 17 Year Old Bourbon for about $900 per bottle.

While the Gold Coast man’s massive whiskey splurge might come as a shock to us, Mr Loth said it’s not uncommon for people to invest in a good drop.

“There are lots of whiskey enthusiasts in the Gold Coast area, and often customers will travel from Brisbane to discover our range,” Mr Loth said.

So, who’s keen for some Friday night drinks at this guys place then?!