Man reports Dad to cops for burning his ‘prized cannabis plants’

A Northern Territory man, dubbed a ‘young Humpty Doo male’ by cops, has dobbed himself in after phoning police to report that his father had set his prized cannabis crop alight.

“Police received an unusual report around 6.30pm yesterday evening from a young Humpty Doo male stating that he had a fight with his father,” Superintendent Louise Jorgensen wrote in a post on the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services Facebook page.

“As retribution his father burnt the son’s prized cannabis plants in a bonfire on the property.


“The son felt this was wrong and reported the matter to police. Officers attended and confirmed that was indeed the case. Apparently the son had been in conflict with his father since he moved from interstate a short time ago. Things came to a head yesterday evening and that’s when the contraband was destroyed,” the post reads.

Police said the son was indignant and enraged and it was questioned whether he was aware that possession of cannabis was unlawful.

“He seemed to believe that the destruction of the same was far worse than the possession in the first instance,” Superintendent Jorgensen said.

No charges have yet been laid, with police stating that the all of the evidence had been destroyed.