Man rescued after being trapped for several hours between two buildings

Paramedics have rescued a man who spent hours trapped between buildings on a construction site in Brisbane.

It’s believed Emergency Services were called to the site in Fortitude Valley around 10.30am, where they found a 41-year-old man wedged between two buildings.

Paramedics believe the man had fallen approximately 10 metres, and that he’d been stuck there since last night.


Queensland Fire and Emergency Services were on scene as well, and were able to create a pulley system, utilising one of the cranes on the construction site.

They were able to send a paramedic and a firefighter down the crevasse using the system, to assess the patient.

They then deemed it safe to bring the patient up via a harness.

The man was taken to hospital in a stable condition, with no major injuries.

He’s reported minor pain to his legs.

It is still unsure how long the man spent stuck between the buildings.