Man rescued after spending night stranded in Gold Coast bushland

A MAN has been rescued after spending more than 12 hours stranded in bushland on the Gold Coast.

Johno Brereton was four-wheel-driving around the Nerang State Forest on Saturday afternoon when he became stranded.

His vehicle had become stuck off-road around three kilometres into the reserve just as the sun started to set beyond the hinterland.


Fortunately though, a large-scale emergency rescue operation was not needed.

Instead, Johno contacted myGC’s affiliated Facebook page, Gold Coast Weather & News Together, shortly after 6pm with a request for community assistance.

He said his vehicle was unable to get past a “mud slick” and had specifically asked for someone with a four wheel drive fitted with a winch and long cable to help get him out.

In an incredible show of community spirit, after sharing Johno’s predicament with their followers on Facebook, myGC was overwhelmed with messages from strangers wanting to lend a hand.

But with no one able to bail Johno out of his “tricky situation” overnight, he was forced to set up camp in his car.

Of those who offered to assist, it was an adventurous couple from Tamborine who scored the job.

They set out on Sunday morning and eventually reached Johno at around 9.30am.

After a difficult retrieval operation, Johno was back out of the bush by midday.

He told myGC he thanked his rescuers over lunch and a few beers – his shout of course.

Johno said he always packed the essentials like warm clothing, food and water before setting out on an adventure just in case he was unfortunate enough to find himself bogged or stranded.

But despite the extra pre-planning, Johno said it was still a “very long and uncomfortable cold night”.