Man seriously injured after bike and car collide on Gold Coast

A man has been rushed to hospital after being hit by a car while riding his bike on the Gold Coast this morning.

The man was travelling along Mallawa Drive in Palm Beach when he was struck by the vehicle just before 10.00am on Saturday.

A Queensland Ambulance spokesperson told myGC the man, aged in his 70s, suffered head, shoulder, pelvic and abdominal injuries.


He was treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital.

The spokesperson confirmed he was transported in a serious but stable condition.

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Rode past the aftermath this morning, police checking the back wheel of the car, and the bike’s back wheel was very bent up.

It was on a very straight, open part of Mallawa so difficult to understand how he was hit.

Please look out for cyclists, most of us are very courteous people just trying to get from a to b.

Wishing him a quick recovery.

The man on the bike suddenly crossed without looking, there were witnesses- why do people always assume it was the driver!!

Nothing in my comment assumes it was the driver’s fault. We are all humans, have family and loved ones. If wishing someone a quick recovery gets your back up, i think you may have more issues than cyclists on the road.

And the arrogant lyrca tools who refuse to stop at pedestrian crossings and just hurtle through because they are selfish morons

Yeah and what about the cyclists who run red lights and don’t give way? It works both ways…