Man shamed online over Qld Health’s false house party claims

The man at the centre of Brisbane’s latest coronavirus update says he’s been slammed online after Queensland Health falsely reported that he’d held a house party while infectious.

The man in his 20s is the third person to test positive in the last week, but it’s believed to be a historical case.

Queensland Health incorrectly claimed he’d had 25 people round to his house while he was waiting for his test results, but they backtracked on that information yesterday.


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Lachlan Simpson has spoken to Nine,  saying the story has been seriously misconstrued.

“I think I know where they got that information from, I told them I had a gathering two weeks prior to me getting tested.

“Somehow they’ve taken that date and moved it forward to the Friday,” Mr Simpson told Nine.

Meantime, police investigators have since declared there is no evidence to warrant action being taken against Mr Simpson.

“Police conducted inquiries into the allegations but are satisfied the occupants of the house did not breach the health directions, and people from outside the residence were not involved,” the latest update reads.

“Inquiries into this matter are now finalised.”

It’s good news for the Brisbane outbreak, meaning there are still just three cases in the latest cluster.

Health authorities are also confident they can link the new cases to the Princess Alexandra outbreak a couple of weeks ago.

However, a city-wide lockdown could still be on the cards, with authorities yet to rule it out completely.

Another update is due later this morning.

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