WATCH: Knife-wielding man shot dead by police outside NSW post office

WARNING: The video below may cause distress to some viewers. 

“Put the knife on the ground or we are going to shoot. We don’t want to do this mate, we are here to help ya.” – NSW Police

A WITNESS has filmed the chilling moment police were forced to shoot dead a man outside a NSW post office this afternoon after he charged at them armed with a large butcher’s knife.


Dozens of uniformed and plain clothed police raced to the Warners Bay post office on Postmans Lane at Lake Macquarie just after 3pm after receiving a Triple Zero (000) call with reports of an armed man.

Upon arriving, officers were confronted by a man dressed in black clothes who was armed with a large knife.

A member of the public filmed the confrontation, during which at least three shots can be heard, and posted the dramatic footage online.

Officers can be seen and clearly heard trying to coax the man into dropping his weapon and surrendering.

Seen with their guns drawn, two police officers can be heard shouting, “Put it down or we are going to shoot,” as they slowly close in on the armed offender.

“Put the knife on the ground. Come on mate. We don’t want to do this mate, we are here to help ya.”

The video captures the moment officers were forced to open fire as the armed man suddenly lunged towards them.

At least three shots can be heard.

The horrifying scenes unfolded in front of dozens of shocked shoppers, including women and children.

A critical incident team will now investigate all circumstances surrounding the incident, including the actions of police, which will be overseen by the Professional Standards Command.

VISION: YouTube.