Man shot in eye with gel blaster while driving through tourist strip

A man has escaped serious injury after being shot in the eye with a gel blaster while driving through the heart of Surfers Paradise.

The incident happened just after midday on Saturday as the man was driving along Markwell Ave with his window down.

Police say the man felt something hit his eye before getting some medical treatment.


The incident was later reported to Police who launched an investigation.

Officers worked out that two young boys had been using a gel blaster to shoot at signs.

“One of the gels has gone astray and unluckily for him, has hit him right in the eye. But we identified the two kids. We had a chat to them. It was unintentional,” Chief Superintendent Craig Hanlon told the ABC.

“But it just goes to show the consequences of some of (this) behaviour, particularly the consequences of using gel blasters.”

Police say the man was not seriously injured but admit it could have been a lot worse.

“We’re really concerned with the use and the transportation of gel blasters. We’ve had a lot of instances where people have phoned saying that there’s people with firearms.

“We respond accordingly and a lot of times they are gel blasters. They look very realistic and they can do damage, which happened this time.”