Man dies from critical injuries after clothing got caught in boat motor, Gold Coast

UPDATE @ 9.20AM | Police have revealed horrific details in relation to a horror boating incident last night, which killed a man.

The 51-year-old skipper was manoeuvring his boat near South Stradbroke Island around 5.30pm, when he fell into the water.

But, witnesses say he then got caught in the motor.


“For some reasons he’s come to be in the water, at the moment we believe that his clothing may have become entangled in the motor,” Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said.

“We don’t know what the cause of death is yet, that’s still subject to investigation we are preparing a report for the coroner.

“Obviously this is a tragic situation, there were a number of witnesses that attempted to help this man.

“Emergency services did attend but unfortunately he couldn’t be saved, and he died of fairly critical injuries,” Superintendent Wheeler said.

EARLIER @ 6.00AM | A man has tragically died after a horrific boating incident in Gold Coast waters last night.

A 51-year-old skipper had fallen off his boat while trying to manoeuvre it near South Stradbroke Island around 5.30pm.

Witnesses from a nearby vessel had been able to pull him out of the water, before transporting him to the jetty at Paradise Point.

They performed CPR on him on the way, but he had already suffered critical injuries.

Paramedics met them at the jetty, where despite desperate attempts, he couldn’t be saved.

Investigations are now underway, with police looking into the circumstances around the incident.

More to come.