Man suffers heart attack during CPR course

A group of students conducting a CPR course at First Aid Accident and Emergency’s Varsity Lakes headquarters got more life experience than first anticipated when one of their peers suffered a heart attack right before their eyes.

Peter Cary, 46, was one of the 20 attendees of the FAAE First Aid course when suddenly he started displaying typical symptoms of a heart attack during a role-play session in a CPR course.

First Aid trainer Wendy Sullivan said she initially thought Mr Cary was just getting into character until the symptoms started to get more reactive and it became apparent that he was suffering from a real-life heart attack.


Mr Cary went into cardiac arrest, with Wendy performing CPR while students phoned triple-0.

The team worked together for a total of 8 minutes administering CPR and reviving Mr Cary twice through the prompts on the defibrillator until the ambulance arrived and rushed him to the Allamanda Hospital.

First Aid Accident and Emergency director, Scott Whimpey, praised the trainers, team and students for their quick response.

“The students won’t ever get this sort of training and have now proved that our teaching skills do save lives,” Mr Whimpey said.

“While this was an intense time for everyone involved, it was a valuable lesson to the students, Mr Cary and all of our team at First Aid Accident and Emergency that a heart attack can occur very fast and how vital a quick response is.”

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