Man to front court over bomb-making project

A MAN will front court today for allegedly masterminding a bomb-making project north of the Coast and posting pictures of it all to Facebook.

Residents were evacuated from the surrounding area in Rochedale South when a raid was carried out on Saturday.

Officers found theKallista Street home was riddled with all types on explosive chemicals and compounds, bullet casings, spent munitions and an inert training grenade.


Police were alerted to the home bomb-making facility after the man posted pictures of it all over his Facebook.

Ccontrolled detonations are still being carried out and are expected to be carried out throughout today and possibly tomorrow.

5 families have been evacuated form around the property and they’ve been told the earliest they will be able to return to their homes is Tuesday.

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart says specialist officers have been detonating the explosives to ensure public safety.

“It’s hard to undestand why someone would do this in a suburban environment such as Rochedale,” Commissioner Stewart said.

“Our job now is to make sure that the sight is rendered absolutely safe from those chemicals.”

“Unfortaunetly, as we know, very very minute amounts of these chemicals can harm and injure,” he added.

Police say the case has no links to terrorism or this week’s G20 summit in Brisbane.

The 32-year-old resident will front Court later on Monday.