Man has toes eaten off by his pet Chihuahua while he slept [graphic images]

WARNING: This story contains graphic images.

FIRST ON MYGC | THE father-in-law of former troubled Gold Coast Suns player Campbell Brown has had both of his big toes chewed off by the family’s pet Chihuahua while he slept.

Brown posted gruesome images of his father-in-law’s horrific injuries on his personal Twitter account on Thursday.


The 34-year-old said his wife’s father Tom Johnston, who suffers from diabetes and has no feeling in his feet, first lost one of this big toes to the family’s pet Chihuahua, ‘Sabel’, two years ago.

Sabel the “cute little Chihuahua” chewed off his owner’s big toes PHOTO: Campbell Brown via Twitter

Mr Johnston was asleep at the time his toe was mauled by the small dog.

Bizarrely, it happened again on Wednesday night, this time the cute toe-nibbling Chihuahua chewed Mr Johnston’s only remaining big toe down to the bone.

Campbell Brown’s father-in-law had both of his big toes chewed off in the space of two years PHOTO: Campbell Brown via Twitter

Brown confirmed in a Tweet this morning that doctors were left with no other choice but to amputate his father-in-law’s toe overnight.

2yrs ago my father in law, who can’t feel his feet, had his right toe eaten off while he slept by pet Chihuahua. Last nite it got his left toe,” Brown told shocked Twitter fans on Thursday night.

He followed it up with an update this morning, joking: “Toe amputated. Chihuahua winning 2 toes to nil.

The former AFL player’s father-in-law had his toe amputated overnight PHOTO: Campbell Brown via Twitter @Browndogg_30x

Speaking to the Herald Sun shortly after the story was first published here on, Brown said his father-in-law would likely need weeks to recover as he slowly learned to regain his balance.

“He wanted to give the dog away the first time but my mother-in-law said no … There’s a fair chance the dog may now get the boot,” the former AFL player told News Corp.

Brown was sacked by the Suns in December 2013, 12 months before his contract with the club was due to expire, for breaking the jaw of teammate Steven May during an altercation outside a Los Angeles bar.

Brown (right) announced his sacking from the Suns at a press conference with CEO Travis Auld on December 4, 2013 PHOTO: AFL Media

As bizarre as the story may seem, it’s not the first time a dog has eaten off its owner’s toes.

In 2011, a 72-year-old San Diego man had three of his diseased toes chewed off by his two pet Cavalier King Charles spaniels while he slept.

The man suffers from a degenerative nerve disease that prevents him from having any feeling in his feet and had previously needed to have his right foot and one of his toes amputated due to the disease.

In 2010, a man from the U.S. state of Michigan said his Jack Russell terrier saved his life by eating most of his big toe while he was passed out drunk.

Unbeknown to the man, he had diabetes and a bone infection that was causing his toe to rot.

A similar story emerged from Sweden in 2013 when a man’s pet dog saved him from developing highly deadly septic shock after it ate three of his rotting toes.

The man had suffered horrific injuries in a car accident 25 years earlier that left him unable to use his legs. Doctors recommended amputation, but he had refused.

Veterinarians say it is common for dogs to sense illness in their owners, but eating off their limbs was extreme.