“He could have died” Man’s lucky escape after falling down drain

UPDATE @ 1.00 PM | A man is lucky to be alive after falling down an open drain hole on the Gold Coast.

The man, aged in his 50s, was walking home from the shops when he plunged three metres down an open grate on Nielsons Road in Carrara just after 11.00am.

High Acuity Response Unit Paramedic Gary Berkowitz told myGC the man managed to alert emergency services by phoning them on his mobile phone.


“He was quite lucky he was able to do so because the signal for mobile phones wasn’t great in the tunnel system he was in,” Mr Berkowitz said.

“It was a bit of a challenge to find him as there were no visual clues as to where he was but when we got closer we could hear him calling out, so we just walked towards the sound of his voice”.

The man was extricated out of the drain by emergency services using a rescue basket and miraculously managed to escape with just an ankle and foot injury.

Authorities said the man was extremely lucky to have not suffered more significant injuries.

“If he had knocked himself out and become unconscious, it’s quite likely he could have died from a head injury and not be discovered for quite some time.

“He seems to be quite a lucky guy,” Mr Berkowitz said.

The man has been taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a stable condition.

EARLIER @ 12.00PM | A rescue operation is underway on the Gold Coast after a man fell down an open drain hole.

The frightening incident happened on Nielsons Road and Coelia Court in Carrara just after 11.00am on Wednesday.

A Queensland Ambulance spokesperson told myGC that paramedics, including Critical Care and the High Acuity Response Unit, are on scene.

While additional emergency services are also assisting with trying to extricate the man out from the drain hole.

It’s understood he has suffered lower leg injuries, however his condition is not yet known.

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I put bunting tape and pegs around this man hole 2 weeks ago cause I nearly fell in walking my dog. Each and every day the pegs were removed. I would put them up again. I get sick of contacting council about fixing stuff and their app is the sh*test I’ve ever used. You can’t use it.
This man hole is had a lid on it and then the lid kept getting taken off. I would put the lid back again. Then the lid got removed and didn’t realise and nearly fell in in the dark. I came back 10min later with a head lamp on steel legs and red and white striped warning bunting tape and I put a square pen around the drain so to warn people and try and avoid this from happening.

It’s been a while since I’ve walked that way because there is too many bindies (saying pri ckles gets censored and makes my story not make sense) and they get in my dog’s paws…..so it wasn’t in my mind to keep checking this.
But I’m going to say this right now, that this is a deliberate act! Someone was wanting someone to fall in that hole!

Last edited 6 months ago by James Hatton

I’m surprised nobody has even contacted me from here? That’s news for you. Hype 1 min and then on to another topic like this story is old news? Shame. I’m happy to give information too.

What I’ve provided should be enough. I have my suspicions about what’s going on, but it’s only conspiracy theory until someone could be bothered checking things out?

You know what is a joke. People’s common sense and protection of privacy of my own information comes above personal safety? That’s what a joke is.

I ring the Hospital, nup can’t speak to the guy (even though I’ve got information that he probably really wants!)
I’m directed to the police. Explain to the police nup can’t do anything need to do speak to the council for them to write and incident before the police will act.

My personal view on the police at the moment is that they don’t want to do any work? Each time I’ve had to deal with the police in the last few years they’ve made me jump through hoops because they don’t want to work? The reason I jump through those hoops each time is to try prove a point! I’m getting sick of it. Being spoken to like I’m the criminal each time I’ve contacted police link. Nothing but condescending remarks and just the police being down right rude….I would say almost provoking towards me when I’m ringing to help. 4 times I’ve been turned away from police link with valuable information and each time it seems like the police simply don’t want to work? Like I’m bothering them by providing information or something?

What the **** is wrong with police? What is wrong with the world; when you are trying to help people and you’re being turned away by the system?

I can’t even leave my details for this guy to call me back? They won’t even let me leave my own information because of privacy,! I don’t need to know this guy’s details and he can call from a private number and say ‘hey it’s the guy that fell down the drain’ and not even give me HIS name and that should be ok, right?

After today I’m not going to bother helping people anymore. All it does is put me further behind by eating in to my time for no real benefit to anyone.
That’s a loose loose situation. Only idiots invest time into loose loose situations.
What a way to make a world a cynical place? Wrap everything in beaurocratic redtape tax the people money then not bother providing the service or at best appear as though providing the service when they really aren’t?

Last edited 6 months ago by James Hatton

Yep everything you have said is correct, the main thing is although I’m really hurting I will recover…thank you so much for trying to contact me James…
Shanee please contact me if you have the time…