Man treated for hypothermia after boating mishap at Main Beach

UPDATE 9:24AM | The Queensland Police Service has interviewed witnesses at Main Beach, after a man was dragged from the water and rushed to hospital suffering from hypothermia.

They say the man had been on a yacht, anchored in the Broadwater, when he decided to return to shore on Saturday night.

It is believed he hopped into a tinnie but revved it too hard and he was flipped out.  He managed to cling to the tender until help arrived.


EARLIER 7:17AM | A man is being treated for hypothermia, after being dragged from the water at Main Beach.

The Queensland Ambulance Service said paramedics were called at 7:54PM on Saturday night.

When they got there they were told the victim had been caught in a rip and had been in the water for around 30 minutes.

The man was taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital suffering from hypothermia.

The QAS also says it’s believed the man may have been intoxicated.