Man unearths gold nugget worth $110,000

A RETIRED man has unearthed a gold nugget worth at least $110,000 in a remote part of Western Australia.

The man was prospecting in a secret spot in the state’s northern Goldfields region when he found the 3.23kg nugget which contains 68 troy ounces or 2.11kg of gold.

Speaking with the Australian Associated Press, the prospector said the nugget was lodged about 800mm deep in clay soil and took about two hours to dig out.


“When I had finished digging it out, I just thought ‘Oh my god’,” the man told the AAP.

“There’s an amazing feeling of joy when you find a gold nugget, even a small one, so when I uncovered this one it was a really special moment.

“I have been going to the same spot for years but with a better detector, better technology, I keep finding gold in patches I’ve been over many times.”

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