Man vows to retire early after winning $2.6 million on Keno

A MAN has vowed to buy his dream home and retire early after winning more than two and a half million dollars in Keno on Valentine’s Day.

The man from North Ipswich said he never slept on Thursday night after finding out his Keno 10 Spot entry had yielded him $2,622,717.30.

Speaking with a Keno official on Friday, the thrilled winner said he has been playing Keno at his local club, Club Services Ipswich, for 20 years.


“It’s just unreal!,” he said. “I’ve changed my numbers from time to time but they are always my kids’ birthdays, and then my grandkids’ birthdays.”

“I was sitting there oblivious that it had gone off, and someone came in and said ‘they’re looking for someone here who has won the jackpot. They’ve won over $2 million!’.

“I usually only check my tickets when I come back to the club the next time … but after hearing that, I made sure I checked my ticket on the way out.

“When I scanned my ticket, it came up that it was me who had won. I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t slept since!”

The stoked bloke said he plans to use his newfound wealth to buy his dream home and retire early.

“It has definitely come at the right time for us!” he said.

“I was planning on retiring this year, so I might be doing that early!”

Club Services Ipswich General Manager Greg Hurley said the win had created an electric atmosphere in the club.

“The whole club was buzzing last night when we found out there was a winner!” he exclaimed.

“It was fantastic to see fellow members be happy for another member.

“The last time we sold a major Keno prize was about 12 years ago when we sold a $250,000 winner.

“We’ve sold a few $10,000 winners but this is definitely the biggest win for us.

“We are so happy it has gone to a regular and an Ipswich local. It will be great for the local community too.

“We wish him all the best with his prize!”