Man who shot at Gold Coast police sentenced to 9 years jail

The man who pulled a gun on police in a Surfers Paradise car park has been sentenced to nine years in jail.

29-year-old Daniel White Mayne was initially charged with attempted murder, for threatening to shoot at two police officers in the car park of the Solaire apartments back in January 2017.

Two officers were responding to reports of a suspicious looking vehicle, when they saw White Mayne carrying a bag that he then quickly threw into a bin.


Though when officers approached, he grabbed a revolver from the bag and threatened to shoot them.

An officer then discharged multiple shots – one of them striking White Mayne in his scrotum, the other in his thigh.

He then returned fire, with a fragment of a bullet striking the officer.

White Mayne was acquitted of the murder charge earlier this year, instead being found guilty of attempting to strike a police officer with a projectile in attempt to resist arrest.

This morning, he was sentenced to nine years behind bars, though will be eligible for parole in January 2021.