Manly Sea Eagles face salary cap breach

After a lengthy investigation, the NRL has issued the Manly Sea Eagles a breach notice for salary cap issues.

The Sea Eagles are busy building a case to defend the allegations of violations over the past five years.

They’re reportedly over the cap to the tune of around $400,000.


If the findings are confirmed the club would face a significant fine and be required to adjust their salary cap for 2018.

The NRL has ruled out the prospect of the Sea Eagles losing competition points.

Manly issued a statement saying they’re planning to fight the charges.

“We were advised of the alleged breach by the NRL this morning and immediately convened our legal team to thoroughly review the breach notice and detailed files given to us by the NRL,” Club CEO Lyall Gorman said in the statement.

“Based on our legal team’s preliminary review, there is disagreement with several of the NRL findings and consistent with our rights under the NRL rules and regulations have commenced a path of legal review and response.”