Marathon surgery successfully separates conjoined twins

AFTER spending the first 15-months of their young lives joined at the torso, Bhutanese twins Nima and Dawa have slept in separate cots for the first time.

The sisters have started on their road to recovery and independent life following a marathon surgery in Melbourne.

Led by Head of paediatric surgery Dr Joe Crameri, the girls were separated in a delicate six-hour procedure on Friday that saw up to 25 surgeons, nurses and anaesthetists working together to successfully separate them.


“We always felt confident that we could achieve this, and possibly in this time frame,” Dr Crameri told reports post-surgery.

The girls were connected via their livers and required reconstruction through their abdomens.

“But we just didn’t know what we were going to find and we didn’t want to create expectations that we couldn’t live up to,” he added.

“I certainly see it as a sense of relief.

Nima and Dawa, who were brought to Australia by their mother in October, are now breathing independently and it is hoped they won’t require intensive care.