March 20 Legal punts and media stunts

SURPRISE, surprise.

After The Meddler pointed out the lack of representation the Gold Coast was getting in State Parliament, someone popped up with a question yesterday (WEDNESDAY 19th, March).

Southport MP Rob Molhoek urged Premier Campbell Newman to outline the fantastical work the government was doing to improve services on the Gold Coast – and he eagerly obliged.


“That commitment, that focus, is in stark contrast to those opposite who for years neglected all sorts of front-line services on the Gold Coast,” Mr Newman trumpeted at the pathetic remnants of Labor sitting across from him.

“What about the hospital down there? How many years did it take for them to get on and deliver the new world-class hospital that has just been delivered in the last year or so,” Mr Newman asked without expecting an answer.

But I’ve got one for him.

The hospital was planned and mainly constructed by the former Labor Government who paid for it by the big fat debt the LNP inherited.

Its opening was actually delayed, some promised services mothballed and it came in over budget under the Newman Government.

You can’t whinge about the debt and take credit for what it paid for.

Mr Newman also rightfully listed the Government’s great improvements in elective surgery, dental and emergency waiting times, an increase in police officers and two new schools.

But as for his boasting over the Government’s handling of criminal bikie gangs, well, the jury’s still out.

That was a court joke.

Which will be even funnier if Mr Newman has to front the Southport Court on Friday.

A Sydney-based lawyer for two bikies facing charges over the Broadbeach brawl has served the Premier with a summons to appear in their legal bid to have their bail conditions varied.

“If he doesn’t turn up, it will be interesting to see if the magistrate issues a warrant,” said lawyer Zali Burrows.

“The boys have even paid his train fare so he has no excuse not to be here.”

In Parliament, Mr Newman later pointed out Ms Burrows had been a Palmer United Party candidate in NSW at the last federal election.

“This supposed summons was not properly filled out. The documentation was not properly completed. Arguably, it was not properly served,” he said.

Another Clive Palmer stunt fail.



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