Margot Robbie opens up about watching her nude scenes with her family

It is always super awkward when you are watching a movie with your family and a sex scene takes place. But imagine having to watch one of your own with your parents and siblings in the same room.

Margot Robbie has opened up about the embarrassing moment she had while watching a screening of The Wolf of Wall Street with her family.

The Gold Coast actress told Sunday Night she was left very red-faced during the screening as she frequently appeared nude the film.


“It was odd…I didn’t really think it through,” she said. “It was cool with most family members, but afterwards [my older brother] and I had the most awkward conversation ever. He tried to say congratulations, and we tried to hug it out, and it was just so weird that I said, ‘OK, we don’t have to talk for a couple of days now.'”

Robbie said the pair have never spoken about the scenes again.