Marine Rescue Queensland predicts record-breaking summer on the water

Boaties and recreational vessel users are being urged to use caution while out on the water, ahead of what’s expected to be a very busy summer season.

Marine Rescue Queensland predicts that a record-breaking amount of people will take to the water, with coronavirus forcing many overseas and interstate holidays to be cancelled.

But with more boats and vessels in the water, it likely means more rescues and therefore more resources.


MRQ is particularly worried about older boats taking to the water, and is urging owners to make sure the vessel has been serviced and is in a good working condition, and to make sure all the equipment is up to date.

“Marine Rescue Queensland urges all vessel users this summer to carefully consider their safety. We are already facing a record number of marine related casualties in 2020 and summer has not even started yet,” their warning reads.

Marine Rescue Queensland is also calling for the outcomes of the highly anticipated ‘Blue Water Review’ from the state government.

The review was started over 2 years ago now, with recommendations provided at the start of 2020.

But MRQ says the Emergency Services Minister Craig Crawford is yet to step forward to say whether any of the outcomes will be progressed.

In the meantime, MRQ is urging everyone to be safe on the waters this summer.

“Please ensure you are familiar with local waters as well as how to use your safety equipment.

“Please let someone know where you are going and when you will be back.

“Lastly remember your lifejacket is the “seatbelt of the sea” if you aren’t wearing it, it isn’t going to work,” their post reads.