Mark Philippoussis’ Father expected to spend another night in jail

The father of former Australian tennis star Mark Philippoussis is expected to spend at least one more night inside San Diego’s tough Central Jail.

Nick Philippoussis was expected to be arraigned and apply for bail in a California court yesterday after his arrest on multiple child molestation counts.

The 68-year-old lives and works as a tennis coach in the San Diego area and his two alleged victims are aged under 14 and former tennis students, according to San Diego sheriffs.


One count, sexual intercourse or sodomy, does relate to a child aged 10 years or younger.

Philippoussis was arrested at his home in San Diego on Tuesday and sheriffs executed a search warrant on the premises.

He is being held in San Diego’s Central Jail on $A3.2 million bail.

Under California bail laws he will need $A3.2 million to be released on bail and if he makes all of his court appearances until his case concludes he will get the money back.

If he uses a bail bondsman he needs to put just 10 per cent down to get out of custody, but he will not get the money back, as the bondsman will keep the $A315,025.