Mark Wahlberg to call the Gold Coast home

Looks like the Gold Coast is about to welcome another major Hollywood superstar.

According to Newscorp, Mark Wahlberg is set to call our city home in the second half of the year as he films a new project.

It’s expected his family, including wife Rhea Durham and his four children, will make the move with him.


Wahlberg visited Australia only last month to sign a major deal to bring his family’s burger chain, Wahlburger, to our shores.

“I’m looking forward to coming back,” he told The Courier Mail.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to move my family down to Australia for four to five months and make a movie on the Gold Coast and enjoy the beautiful country.”

The exact details of the movie he’s making are yet to be revealed.

Marky Mark joins a long list of celebrities temporarily calling Australia home including Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy and Natalie Portman.

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Welcome Mark & Family, but we have enough junk & fast food and too many obese people and too much diabetes type 2 already, is there beetroot on your burgers?

Google mark wahlburg diet & the irony is he eats a vegan diet 5 days a week. LOL

That’s not irony. It’s called advertising. He earns $50 million and takes it back to USA. Support local. If only people would realise they are making the rich richer and making this world so unequal. Do you think he gives a rats a*** about Australia. WAKE UP!!!

Yeh would be great to meet him fantastic actor.hey can you play tennis

Thanks. I’d like that. Yes I can play tennis.

This is good news. Love this actor. Welcome to down under Mark.

Go back to yanky land we don’t what or need your kind here!

Jack, you are nothing but an ass hole, show some respect. We don’t need your kind on the Gold Coadt, go and move to another state.

At least Jack can spell.. Go back to your middle east s*** hole.

You don’t have to eat the burger

He’s a doer!

I think its great. Local people will be working in both the burger place and the movie so welcome I say. Plus from what I read hes a decent guy!