Masks stay for another day as Qld misses vax target

Queensland has fallen short of its 80 per cent first dose vaccine target that would have seen mask-wearing ditched.

The Premier had earlier predicted we would hit the mark by today, but that has failed to happen.

Queensland is now sitting on 79.84 per cent first dose, up from 79.63 per cent on Monday and still has the lowest first dose rate in the country.


Masks will only be required in airports and on planes once the state hits 80 per cent first dose which it’s hoped will be reached on Wednesday.

But we’re being warned not to throw the masks away after that because they’re likely to make a return in the future.

“What we will see is that as cases come back into Queensland we are very likely to reintroduce mask-wearing to protect those local communities where transmission has occurred,” Acting Chief Health Officer Peter Aitken said.

The second dose rate is now at 67.84 per cent.

It comes as the state government today announced a raft of restrictions on unvaccinated people when the state hits 80 per cent double dose.

Those who aren’t fully vaccinated will be barred from pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, sports events and music festivals.

They will also be restricted from visiting aged care facilities, prisons and hospitals except in emergencies.

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The Premier is still expecting Queensland to hit 80 per cent double dose around the middle of December, dashing hopes it would be earlier in the month.

“If it does it will only be one or two days. At the moment our projections are still the 17th of December,” Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

The Premier said borders would reopen and restrictions on unvaccinated people would be imposed earlier if we hit 80 per cent before the 17th.

“They will but we’re only talking one or two days.”