MASS OUTAGE: Gmail down for thousands around the world

Having trouble sending something on Gmail? Well it turns out you’re not alone!

Google’s email service Gmail appears to be suffering a major worldwide outage, with hundreds of people taking to social media to report issues with the email network.

The company issued a short statement on their Google Apps status page a short time ago confirming the disruption.


“We’re investigating reports of an issue with Gmail. We will provide more information shortly,” the statement reads.

Thousands of people have also taken to the DownDetector website in the last hour to report issues with Gmail.

“Can’t send emails, at the same time when you try to compose an email … saving to draft fails too,” one person commented.

“Only can send emails with nothing in them (no text or attachment) – a blank email with a title gets through. Ive tried different accounts, different networks, different equipment,” wrote another.

More to come.