Mass shooting in California leaves 14 dead

Another mass shooting has taken place in the United States, this time at San Bernadino in California.

Authorities have confirmed up to 14 people have died and another 17 have been injured.

Two suspects, a male and a female, have been killed in a shootout with police while a third person is being held.


Authorities say they were armed with assault rifles and handguns.

San Bernardino police chief Jarrod Burguan says investigators were looking at the possibility that they had left an explosive device at the scene of the shooting.

David Bowdich, the FBI assistant director in charge of the Los Angeles field office, cautioned against using the term “terrorism” to describe the incident, saying: “It is a possibility, but we don’t know that yet. And we’re not willing to go down that road yet.”

The Los Angeles Times and the New York Times, quoting law enforcement officials, reported that one of the assailants, who had worked at the facility, had left the party following a dispute with fellow employees and returned with one or two others.

Burguan told reporters it was not yet clear if those involved in the dispute were the people who opened fire.

EARLIER: San Bernardino police Chief Jarrod Burhuan told a media that three white males were behind the attack at the Inland Regional Centre, which is a centre for people with developmental disabilities.

The gunmen were reportedly wearing bullet-proof vests when they burst into a conference room and opened fire, witnesses say.

The suspects then fled in a black SUV which was chased down by police. A shootout ensued and one of the suspected gunman was reportedly shot down by police.

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