Massive Gold Coast clearance sale – all offers considered

AS I predicted the Newman Government appears hell-bent on selling off the farm.

And ports, power, rail, and water assets, several Brisbane city buildings and a Broadwater island or two.

Apparently ‘secret’ government research has found the number of Queenslanders concerned about the state’s finances has jumped from six to 20 per cent – since the $6 million Strong Choices campaign.


What? Wait …. so the campaign to ‘inform’ us about the state’s finances actually just scared the crap out of people?

Oh, well played Newman Government.

Mind you, 20 per cent of people concerned about the budget suggests the other 80 per cent couldn’t give a flying …

Anyway, as we all know the Government is going to hold a massive fire sale if it wins the next election, here are some suggestions of public assets we probably won’t miss if they were flogged off.

The Gold Coast City Council

Note: Must remove cooling off period and warranty rights from sale conditions – we don’t want that lemon being returned for a refund.

North Queensland

Let the NQ locals buy us out. Then they can become their own state and we can introduce daylight saving. But as part of the condition of sale – they have to take the State Government with them.

The old Southport hospital

Just get rid of it already.

The Tower of Power

We just can’t afford the luxurious and disturbingly large vanity project being built by Campbell Newman in Brisbane to replace his current digs which are not up to his demanding standards.

Stay in the Executive building. It was good enough for previous premiers.


Let’s sell it to Packer so he can build a huge casino which you can only get to via a cable car which can only be powered by coal and tree logs. Suck on that greenies.

Finally, here is another money saving tip for the State Budget which will be handed down next week:

Reduce the number of state electorates on the Gold Coast from 10 to five.

Halve the number of MPs and double the work of the remaining ones – that way they might actually be worth what they get paid. Oh, and make them work out of a McDonalds where they can get free wifi.

Do you have any other money saving tips for the government?

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