Matthew & Harry booked for first treatment in France

BREAKING: Thanks to tireless fundraising efforts, four-year-old Gold Coast twins Matthew & Harry are now officially funded to receive their first round of life-changing treatment in France.

The boys will travel to the renowned Avène Clinic in June for the first time where they will receive three weeks of intense treatment for their debilitating illnesses.

Matthew and Harry suffer from a severe form of eczema over their entire bodies as well as multiple life threatening allergies which affect most areas of their daily life.


Their single mother, Melanie, made the exciting announcement on Friday morning and says she is looking forward to finally seeing her sons comfortable and relieved.

“Thanks to the support provided by our community, family and friends, we are now officially funded and booked for the first of three trips to Avène, France.”

“This has been a long anticipated event and could not come soon enough.

“The boys are so keen to get to there to make their skin feel better. Harry, is saying that the indoor water centre will fix his legs so he can play more.

“I am looking forward to seeing the boys comfortable and relieved. We hope this will be a major turning point that we can build on for a lifetime change,” she said.

Family friend Marion Anderson has spent the past few months tirelessly trying to raise the money needed to fund the boy’s trip.


The treatment will aim to reduce the severity of their conditions and susceptibility to allergies, which in turn will help free the boys from pain and daily suffering. More than 2500 people receive help and assistance at the Avène centre each year.

Marion will continue fundraising for the family to ensure they can complete the follow up annual treatments for optimum and long lasting results.