Maureen Zimmerman wins 1029 Hot Tomato’s Gold Coast Nursing Award

A nurse who has worked on the Gold Coast for over 40 years has won the 1029 Hot Tomato’s Gold Coast Nursing Award for September.

Maureen Zimmerman began her nursing career in 1972 at Gold Coast Hospital, which at the time only had 4 wards. Today she can be found helping patients suffering paediatric asthma and cystic fibrosis at the new Gold Coast University Hospital.

“I love helping people, looking after them and trying to solve their problems. I get such great satisfaction from my patients so I guess that’s why I have been a nurse all these years,” Ms Zimmerman told myGC.


The care Ms Zimmerman gives to her patients continues even once they are discharged from hospital. “I always say to my patients ‘I’m sorry, but you’ve now got me in your family’,” she said. “I often go to their homes, as well as their school or kindy to show support and help teach the staff what’s involved with helping a particular patient.”

Along with a certificate, Ms Zimmerman wins $250 and is now a finalist in the Annual Award where she will share in cash and prizes of over $5,000.

“Thank you so much. I still can’t believe it,” she said. “Awards like this are very special. I think nurses are in the front line – we have more to do with patients than the doctors and allied health professionals. We bear the brunt of abuse sometimes but we are also someone the patients can rely on and have a cry with if they need to.”

If you know a nurse or midwife who has made a difference in the life of you or your family and deserves to be recognised, you can nominate them for the October award at