Max security prisoner escapes NSW prison

ALEX HEINKE reports.

A maximum security prisoner has escaped from Goulburn Correctional Centre after tying bed sheets together to climb over a jail wall.

Stephen Jamieson who was serving 12 years for armed robbery was last seen around 1pm on Tuesday and was wearing prison greens at the time.


Anyone with information are being urged to contact triple-zero immediately.

Earlier this month, the mayor of Goulburn told the public a 60cm man hole was discovered inside the prison but no one should be alarmed.

The cavity, with a 40cm by 18cm wide entrance, was found under a cabinet during a search of the furniture workshop.

The Department of Corrective Services said the cavity was more than 100m away from the outside wall of the prison.

An investigation was launched into whether inmates had been trying to dig a tunnel after the hole was found.

Police said Jamieson was in segregation after being identified as a suspect in the tunnelling incident.

Mayor Geoff Kettle said at the time, the maximum security facility at the prison was the “strongest and most secure prison facility in NSW if not Australia”.