Mayor calls for ‘fare go’ for GC public transport

Public transport users on the Gold Coast could save up to 40 per cent if the Mayor’s call for a ‘fare go’ is heard.

Mayor Tom Tate is driving the major reform to encourage more locals to jump on buses, trains and trams.

“I’ve labelled it the ‘fare go’ policy and it is a key action within our Transport Strategy 2031 endorsed three years back,” Cr Tate said.


“Basically, Brisbane public transport users can travel further on buses, city cats and trains as the zones in that city cover a lot more kilometres,” he explains.

“We have too many zones and passengers are consequently penalised as they have to pay for multiple zones when the trip should be across one or two zones.

“I’ve put the idea to the Premier that we reduce our zones. Any perceived loss in revenue would be compensated by more people choosing to use public transport.

“It will also be a huge incentive to jump on a bus, tram or train and leave the car at home – with the obvious benefits that brings to our city.”

Mayor Tate plans to keep on the State Government’s case and is optimistic a positive outcome will be achieved.