Mayor calls for ‘border bubble’ as Qld considers NSW blockade

The Mayor is calling for officials to start planning a border bubble with the Tweed, with fears Queensland’s border ban could soon be extended to all of New South Wales.

At this stage, only people from Greater Sydney and the surrounding regions of the Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Shellharbour have been banned from the sunshine state.

However, the Queensland Government is not ruling out a hard border closure with all of NSW.


Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Deputy Premier Steven Miles admitted the return of border checkpoints is being considered.

“Not at this stage, but obviously that is something that will be under active consideration over coming days,” Mr Miles said.

“The Chief Health Officer has just outlined how concerning it is coming into school holidays that people from Sydney, outside of those LGA’s that have restricted movement, could well be holidaying in northern NSW alongside Queenslanders.

“It’s one of the concerns coming into this weekend and into the school holidays and that might require additional border restrictions down the track”.

If the lockdown is expanded, Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said it’s imperative the Gold Coast remains open to the Tweed.

He’s now calling for authorities to start making arrangements for another border bubble.

“I’d strongly encourage that as people live and work on both sides of either border,” the Mayor said.

“Let’s not punish them for the Sydney Covid issues.”

It comes after the State’s top doctor issued a stern warning to Queenslanders about travelling to NSW, admitting there was a chance the whole state could soon be barred.

“I strongly recommend that anyone in Queensland, unless you have an urgent unavoidable reason, this is not the time to go down into NSW,” Dr Young said.

Police have ramped up their patrols at our airports and on the roads, warning anyone who tries to flout the rules that they will be caught.

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Keep quiet little Tommy, these matters are above your pay grade. Dont you have a lunch with a developer to attend to?

dumb and dumber just want control – it’s not about health. Just kill all our entertainment and arts industries..Every time we get work, she shuts the borders or locks us down..It’s just about control.

Here we go again… “Now is the time you need to decide which side of the border you want to live on”… disgraceful old words & thought from Qld Health & Government. Still puts my blood pressure up when I think about those inhumane, backward words. If only the majority of Queensland wasn’t full of dumb-ass backward Labor supporters, Queensland would be in a better place.

The only dumb asses are those who lack the intelligence to see how life threatening a situation the world is in. Try watching the world news to see how bad it is everywhere else. Do you want Australia to join them? It’s not about politics so stop using that as an excuse for having a rant.

Oh Deke… just look at NSW data based approach to this s***show, much more mature & sensible for want of better words… Queensland Commo Government in overdrive as usual shutting the border, then crying for Federal support 250 days later. How can you still be so gullible & blind.

you will wake up one day deke

[…] Mayor calls for ‘border bubble’ as Qld considers NSW blockade […]

Regardless of border closures or NSW red zones the QLD political parasites’ will no doubt let the NSW footy team in to a capacity 45000 stadium