Mayor calls for Gold Coasters to learn CPR

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate and his wife, Ruth, were about to board a flight from Singapore to Rome last month when Mrs Tate went into cardiac arrest.

The emergency was so severe that the Mayor was forced to work with bystanders to perform CPR and mouth-to-mouth recuscitation on the Mayoress for over 20 minutes in Changi International Airport.

While Mrs Tate is expected to make a full recovery, the Mayor described the incident as a “wakeup call” that had changed his family’s life – adding that the CPR training he had had was invaluable in keeping his wife alive.


The Mayor said the incident had prompted him to call on the City of Gold Coast to install defibrillators in publicly accessible areas such as libraries and community centres.

He added: “I’m calling on all employers across the city to encourage as many staff as possible to undertake CPR training and learn the basics of first aid.”

The City of Gold Coast coordinates free CPR courses for residents through its Neighbourhood Watch skills development program. The next course will be held in October.