Mayor gives indication on light rail start date

THE Gold Coast Mayor has given the strongest indication yet as to when we might see the first paying passengers board the G:link trams.

Mayor Tom Tate participated in a digital town hall style live blog with the Gold Coast Bulletin on Thursday morning, taking ratepayers’ questions on the Gold Coast City Council’s $1.1 billion budget which is due on June 18.

Responding to a resident’s query on the official launch of the light rail, Mayor Tom Tate insisted the Transport Minister release a date.


“Hi Tom, why do you think the transport minister cannot tell us when the light rail will start taking passengers?” Michelle asked.

“Michelle, the Minister should give us an indicative date so that retailers can start rostering and purchasing stock to meet extra patronage,” Cr Tate responded.

“But my gut feel is that it will begin operating in the third week of June,” he said.

State Transport Minister Scott Emerson yesterday told reporters a decision was yet to be made on an official launch date.

GoldLinQ’s website continues to promote a ‘mid-2014’ start, as it has done so for the past two years.