Mayor issues warning to ‘keen divers’ descending on Wonder Reef attraction

The Mayor has issued a warning to keen divers hoping to get a taste of the city’s exciting new Wonder Reef attraction before it’s even open.

The structure, located 2.5km off Main Beach, is still undergoing further testing and is expected to be ready by late January.

But it hasn’t stopped a number of inquisitive divers from taking a peek, with a number of people already descending on Wonder Reef in recent weeks.


It’s prompted Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate to urge those wanting to experience the attraction to be patient, given the site has not yet received final sign off.

Once it is up and running, it will cost $25 per diver for a two-hour dive experience.

Divers will be able to take their own boats and moor at the facility providing they have booked and paid their dive site fees.

“Moorings attached to the site will allow boats to safely enter and exit the area,” the Mayor said.

“There will be no fishing or anchoring”.