Mayor to push for Phillip Park cruise liner terminal option

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate will next week push for Council to investigate just one of three options for a local cruise ship terminal – on the ocean side of Phillip Park – so that the city doesn’t miss out on the booming cruise market.

The Council had planned to appoint Pricewaterhouse Coopers to look into three options: building a terminal at Phillip Park; extending the existing sand bypass jetty; or extend the southern training wall of the Gold Coast Seaway. But the city’s Economic Development and Major Projects Committee did an initial assessment of the three locations to narrow down the options to just one.

Mayor Tom Tate told myGC: “It was a unanimous decision to go with option 1 – so we’ve narrowed it down to the one that goes off Phillip Park.


“What I like about it is there’s less road infrastructure to be built. It’s a lot closer to the entertainment precinct so all in all it’s looking good and we’re looking forward to full council voting on this on Tuesday.”

According to the Committee’s report, the Phillip Park option came with a number of advantages including:

  • having no impact on the South Stradbroke Island surfing break;
  • having no impact on the existing sand bypass system or seaway infrastructures;
  • the lowest capital costs of all three proposed locations;
  • the opportunity to create a safe swimming beach in the shadow of the breakwater;
  • proximity to existing and proposed tourist attractions;
  • and proximity to the Scottish Prince wreck.

The main disadvantages, the Committee’s report said, were the proximity to residential areas and a loss of public car parking with the creation of the terminal facilities.

The Committee’s recommendation didn’t rule out the other two options, but highlighted the preferences with the ocean-side of Philip Park due to a number of concerns including, the report said, “the State Government position in relation to development north of Seaworld.”

Mayor Tom Tate was keen to point out that Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk had not ruled out the possibility of a cruise terminal on the Gold Coast.

He pointed to her interview on 612 ABC Brisbane on 30 September this year when she said: “I believe that there could be some concerns around the environmental impacts of how that would actually work. That”s for the couuncil to work out. If they want to do their business case and submit that to us they can.

“There may not be a need for that second cruise ship terminal on the Gold Coast (on top of one being proposed at Luggage Point at the mouth of the Brisbane River), but I’m not going to say no.

“If the council wants to do their work, let them do their work,” Premier Palaszczuk told the ABC.

The Committee’s report concluded by recommending that Council, on Tuesday, “reduces the locations for investigation through the (Pricewaterhouse Coppers) feasibility study from three to one, with the focus being a location ocean-side of Phillip Park.”