Mayor rallies people power as M1 funding talks gridlock

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate and Queensland’s Main Roads Minister are calling on people power to force the federal government to reconsider its 50-50 funding offer for upgrades to the Pacific Motorway.

Federal Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher met a delegation including the mayor, Queensland Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey and the RACQ in Sydney on Wednesday.

They argued for an 80-20 funding deal to bring the M1 up to standard.


Mayor Tate said anyone who has ever been stuck in a bottle-neck on the notorious stretch of highway should turn the heat up on their local federal members who still regard it as a country road.

“The M1 is absolutely gridlocked,” he said on his return from the failed Sydney meeting.

“It’s a national road and it’s not just about people commuting. It’s also trucks and the like, we’re moving freight as well so (the upgrades) make good sense.

“They need to put their egos aside because people in south east Queensland are sick of this M1 and political game-playing.

“We need to meet in the middle, shake hands and just get the deal done,” he said.

Mr Bailey argued the road should attract an 80-20 funding split, the same amount it’s given across the border in New South Wales.

He said people power will ultimately win the battle for a fair funding deal.

“Queensland doesn’t deserve to be ripped off, the people’s voice will be what wins this debate,” he said.

“Two weeks ago the federal government referred to it as a country road and that shows they just don’t understand how important it is to south east Queensland.”

The minister said the days of Queensland accepting second best are gone.

“The M1 is the most-trafficked highway in Queensland with 148,000 traffic movements a day including 12,000 heavy vehicles.

“It’s a big generator of jobs and economic opportunities and every time people and trucks get stuck in traffic it costs us jobs.

“I urge motorists that if they want to get action give the offices of Bert Van Manen, Karen Andrews, Stuart Robert and Steven Ciobo a call.”

Bert Van Manen – Ph: 07 3807 6340 Email:

Steven Ciobo – Ph: 5504 6000 Email: Click here.

Karen Andrews – Ph: 5580 9111 Email:

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