Mayor renews calls for dedicated Supreme and Federal Court

The Gold Coast Mayor has ramped up calls for a dedicated supreme and federal court facility here on the Gold Coast.

In a bid to ease the burden on the city’s stretched court system, Mayor Tate has come up with a plan to build a two-tower highrise in Southport to house the courts.

The towers, planned for the Mal Burke carpark site, will be built by private enterprises and will only require state and federal governments to sign on as tenants.


“Private enterprise would build it and council’s commitment would be through a joint venture arrangement,” Mayor Tate said.

“We could offer up Mal Burke carpark as the land, providing the number of affordable public parking spaces was maintained.”

PHOTO: Supplied – Artist Impression of the proposed Government building

Cr Tate said the idea still needs to be agreed to by councillors, but insists something needs to be done as soon as possible.

“The idea of sitting idle, and doing nothing, is not an option for me,” he said.

“Long term, we could even look to relocate our council chamber to one of the floors, freeing up the existing City Chamber building for other uses.”

The courts would service not only the Gold Coast, but the wider region including the Scenic Rim, Mt Tamborine and even north to Logan and Beenleigh.

“There is a vocal community discussion right now about court processes, and the time matters are taking to be addressed by all levels of our judiciary,” Mayor Tate said.

“Our city has grown to the extent that we deserve our own federal, and supreme court annexes.”

Mayor Tate said it’s time to “let private enterprise solve this bottleneck that is stalling our court systems and causing more harm and pain for the victims.”

“Justice delayed is justice denied and it is entirely unfair on the victims to have to make their way to Brisbane’s Supreme, or Federal, courts, often waiting at that facility for hours on end, only to see further adjournments or delays,” he said.

“It’s time all three tiers of government came together as doing nothing will be generational.”

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by private enterprise he means Tate Developments Pty Ltd no doubt?
and here’s a thought, how about we do more to reduce crime in South East QLD and then there won’t be so many fronting court and no need for another high rise tower or another court house.
Just some food for thought……..