Mayor slams Qld Health over Gold Coast exposure site delay

The Gold Coast Mayor has lashed out at Queensland Health over their lengthy delay in publishing the city’s latest COVID-19 exposure sites.

Health Officials revealed several suburbs of concern linked to two new cases in the city around 10.00am on Wednesday but failed to confirm any venues or times until 6.00pm.

Tom Tate said the delay left thousands of nervous residents waiting almost eight hours to find out whether they had been impacted.


“I am disappointed that it took eight hours before we knew which shops people had visited” Mayor Tate told reporters on Thursday.

“They come out and blurb all the suburbs… That’s not very helpful, you stir all the people up in those suburbs and then they go, well do I get tested?

“For me, it’s not good enough to not have the information until eight hours later… What are you doing in there Queensland Health?

“I expect them to assess what went wrong and ensure it doesn’t happen again,” he said.

A fired-up Tom Tate also called for Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to hand in his resignation.

It comes after the state recorded its highest ever increase in daily COVID-19 cases, with 1438 new local infections and five deaths on Thursday.

“It goes back to Daniel Andrews, the Premier who was so chuffed and made degrading comments on Gladys on how good he was doing and how bad NSW was,” he said.

“It’s come back to show his solution is no better than NSW… At the very least be a man and apologise, then be a bigger man and resign.”

The Mayor said Prime Minister Scott Morrison should also commence a Royal Commission into decisions made by the Victorian Government that has seen case numbers skyrocket.